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Our Course Offerings

ESRS Courses

Comprehensive ESRS Courses

20 hours of interactive content

Enhance and broaden your grasp of the ESRS standards through our insightful courses. Maximize your efficiency and prepare for seamless implementation of these standards with our specialized training modules. 

Interview course using PEACE model

Effective Interviewing in Audits

16 hours of advanced learning

Enhance your compliance audit effectiveness by elevating your interviewing skills! Our course offers a deep dive into the P.E.A.C.E model and advanced techniques, drawing inspiration from psychiatric interviewing practices. 

ESG courses coming soon

More ESG courses to come soon 

Online Self Paced

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Course Formats


Interactive content

Expertly designed, our interactive courses optimize your learning for an enriched educational experience.


Unique learning experience

Learn uniquely, at your pace! Our adaptable courses cater to every individual’s learning style. 


Real-life examples and case studies

Expert trainers, rich in ESG experience, craft our case studies from real-world scenarios. 


Practical exercises

Practical exercises enhance and solidify your learning, ensuring concept mastery and skill development.

For Individuals

Individuals eager to augment their knowledge for an ESG-centric economy will find our courses invaluable. Enhance your career and adopt a more ESG-conscious lifestyle and work ethic with our comprehensive learning modules.

For Groups

Colleagues or friends can collectively enroll in our courses, fostering an environment of collaborative learning. Engage in enlightening group discussions, tackle exercises, and practice together to deepen your understanding and mastery of ESG concepts. 

For companies

Companies are invited to collaborate on customized courses for their teams. We’re dedicated to amplifying our impact by partnering to elevate ESG knowledge and skills globally.

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