ESRS Courses

20 Hours of interactive video content

Our comprehensive ESRS courses help you develope deep undertanding of the interconnected requirements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. This will help you implement the CSRD and ESRS with confidence! 

Detailed Explanations

The courses discuss detailed requirements of each ESRS standard. 

Practical Examples

For each Disclosure Requirements and Minimum Disclosure Requirements, we include detailed examples to demonstrate how the requirement should be implemented.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Understanding the Framework

Equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the 12 ESRS, their purposes, and interpretation of each requirements.


Application and Implementation

Provide insights on practical steps to apply and implement ESRS within various business contexts.


Reporting and Communication

Enhance skills in compiling, interpreting, and communicating sustainability data in line with the ESRS.


Compliance and Risk Management

Understand the legal implications, compliance requirements, and risk management associated with ESRS.


Continuous Improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in sustainability reporting, in line with evolving ESRS.


Insights and Updates

Participants have access to frequent updates and insights on top of the engaging course content.

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